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Civil Judge Exam - Preparation Coaching Classes

Complete Course for selection of Civil Judges-cum-Judicial Magistrates competitive examinations throughout Pakistan. The course is confined within law subjects only.

Six months Course covering relevant statutes/ subjects of law. Course shall contain the MCQ’s, written notes relevant to the examination in the light of written and oral tests.

Written notes are in the guise of questions with answers followed by relevant case laws. Complete academic recourse where process of selection for Judicial Competitive Examination has been made simple and easy to the convenient and possible reach of the candidates.

The Course of the relevant subjects for Judges Competitive Examination, is unique development, which has been prepared in the pattern, looking to the trend of changed examination, MCQ’s and crash methodology of viva voce.

Relevant Titles / Subjects For the test I.E. MCQ'S / Written and Interview / Viva Voce Are:

  1. Civil Procedure Code;
  2. Criminal procedure Code;
  3. Pakistan Penal Code;
  4. Hudood Laws;
  5. The Specific Relief Act;
  6. The Transfer of Property Act;
  7. The Registration Act;
  8. Muhammadan Law/ Muslim personal Law;
  9. Limitation Act;
  10. Quanoon-e-Shahadat Order;
  11. Contract Act;