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Thank you for applying to Indus College of Law!

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You should have received a confirmation email from us. This confirmation email is delivered to the email address you supplied in the first box of your application form. Occasionally, the confirmation email is put inside the spam folder. So please look inside the spam folder of your email address, as the confirmation email may be there. 

IMPORTANT. If you DID NOT receive the confirmation email from us and it is NOT in the spam folder of your email. Then please wait 30 minutes. Check your email and the spam folder within your email again. If after 30 minutes of submitting your application form, you have still not received a confirmation email from us then you may submit the admission form again. Please contact us if you still do not receive a confirmation email even after submitting the admission form for the second time.

If you DID receive the confirmation email from us, then congratulations. Indus College of Law has received your application. The admission’s office at ICL will be contacting you shortly. Thank you for your patience.