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Why Choose ICL?

Vertical Integration        

            IGLC can very reasonably be likened to a vertically integrated organization/institution. We offer all and everything required to transform an intermediate student into an able lawyer, viz;

  • LAT (Law Admission Test) Preparation
  • 5 Years LLB Program approved by Higher Education Pakistan
  • Law GAT Preparation (required to apply for license)
  • Employment/Apprenticeship at Indus Law Firm & IGLC

           This entails that once an aspiring student approaches IGLC, he or she no longer has to be apprehensive about his/her future. We take care of it!


          There are hundreds of colleges and universities in Pakistan which are offering LLB as a discipline. One source claims the number to be somewhere around 250. Regardless of whatever the actual figure may be, only a handful of these colleges and universities participate in mooting competitions (i.e competitions whereby courtroom proceedings are simulated). Such competitions hone the advocacy skills of students and are known to aid them in both studies and practical life.

          With regard to mooting, IGLC represents the best version of it. IGLC teams have outperformed in almost all genres of mooting at national and international level (Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court, Henry Dunant Moot Competition, Nuremberg Moot Court Competition, ICC Moot Court Competition, to name a few). 

          To gain insight into dozens of our mooting achievements, click here!

Widespread Accessibility

          Indus College of Law is run by Truth Foundation. It is part of a conglomeration of colleges called ‘Indus Group of Colleges (IGLC).’ IGLC offers its services at 03 distinct locations, namely Hyderabad, Tando Jam, Nawab Shah and the surrounding vicinities. With such widespread accessibility, we impart quality education to sizeable/considerable demographic units – which is something we take pride in, since it is in line with our stated support for ‘world-class legal education for all’ maxim.

Highly Qualified Faculty

          Teacher is viewed as “an agent of innovation and the fulcrum on which the success or failure of an education system rotates”. Hence, at ICL, we have the finest faculty which is saddled with the knowledge and practice of modern pedagogy and the capacity to ensure all-round development of the students.

          Hon’rable Barrister Zamin Talpur (Principal ICL), Prof. Hussain Bux Thebo, Barrister Taha Rehman Jatoi, Adv. Imdad Unar, Adv. Taj Muhammad Keerio (renowned advocate of Supreme Court), Adv. Nawaz Panhwar and Mr. Wasih Hyder (Director FIA/member visiting faculty) are some of the finest members of our distinguished teaching faculty whose legal acumen is unparalleled.

Conducive Learning Environment

          ICL is housed in a 3 floored purpose-built campus. The campus boasts state of art facilities including air-conditioned classrooms, multimedia displays, Students Bar Association, fully functional Mooting Society with dedicated moot court room, Sports Society, Model United Nations, Research Society, Legal Aid and much more. Other facilities that make the environment conducive to learning are lecture halls, computer labs, discussion rooms, students’ common area, access to free Internet, up-to-date library with regular monthly law journals and computer Lab.

          Every classroom of the college is equipped with a computer multimedia system and large screen to facilitate the students and teachers for easy understanding. This multimedia is used not only for in class but also online classes.

Reasonable Fee Structure & Availability of Scholarships

          Considering the world-class quality of legal education that ICL offers, the fee structure is considerably reasonable. Furthermore, scholarships and financial assistance is also offered to students on need-cum-merit basis.