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Vice-Chancellor Message

I am extremely pleased to know that Indus College Of Law, Hyderabad is completing five years of devoted service towards promoting of legal education in Hyderabad, Sindh; and that is now all set to take into its embrace yet another batch of fresh and eager youth.

it is also heartening to learn that the college is in the process of publishing its prospectus and launching its website.
Web Connectivity and online access have become two mandatory marvels of modern time. The decision of the college authorities, therefore to go on world-wide-web is a step in the right direction, and I congratulate the college for this distinction.

Publication of college prospectus is an essential source of letting prospective students that they need to know in terms of history of the institution, its achievements, areas of study,
courses offered rules and regulations, co- curricular and calendar and other options and opportunities.

The university Of Sindh, being the premiere seat of higher learning in the country has always welcomed and taken leading patronizing newly emerging institutions who wish to seek affliction with it. our nine additional campuses and wide range of affiliated institutions of repute are a glaring example of this noble spirit. Indus College of Law Hyderabad is a recent handsome addition to our academic conglomeration.

I have always considered education like a candle in a dark and when I see an institution to enlighten, as the Vice-Chancellor of the university, I find it my duty to ensure that the candle continues to glow. I once gain felicitate the college upon its excellence, wish it bright future and assure its management of best support and patronage.

Prof. (Meritorious)

Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro

Vice Chancellor